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[Deck Recipes] October 21st, 2022

Ninjas of the Floral Dark use their hidden fusion techniques, while Beetroopers work with new Weevil support!

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: Plant Fusion Summon Deck

2 Garland the True Shadow Flower Ninja
3 Etraynze the Shadow Flower Ninja
1 Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi
3 Blanc de Blanc the Snow Shadow Flower
3 Gekka the Shadow Flower Beauty
3 Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior
1 Acacia the Shadow Flower Priestess
3 Kurobana the Shadow Flower Wolf
3 Iris the Rare Shadow Flower
3 Yuri the Shadow Flower Fiend

2 Shadow Flower Wish
3 Fusion
1 Monster Reborn (LEGEND)
2 Magical Stone Excavation
2 Shadow Flower Sewing

3 Shadow Flower Stance
2 Shadow Flower Return

3 Meika Etraynze the Shadow Flower Venus
3 Durga the Shadow Flower Stealth Submarine
3 Javelin Dux the Shadow Flower Piercer
3 Doshin Kaika the Shadow Flower Full Moon
3 Meika Etraynzeyes the Shadow Flower Lunatic

New Product Deck: “Beetrooper” Deck Featuring “Giant Antlion of Dismissal”

3 Giant Antlion of Dismissal
3 Beetrooper Scout Buggy
3 Beetrooper Scale Bomber
2 Beetrooper Sting Lancer
3 Parasite Paranoid
3 Gokipole
3 Resonance Insect
3 Retaliating “C”
1 Doom Dozer
2 Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune
1 Insect Knight
1 Bio Insect Armor
3 Maxx “C”

3 Cocoon of Ultra Evolution
1 Beetrooper Formation
2 Beetrooper Descent
1 Giant Ball Shot
1 Harpie’s Feather Duster

1 Beetrooper Fly & Sting

2 Perfectly Great Insect
3 Beetrooper Armor Horn
3 Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas
2 Inzektor Picofalena
2 Seraphim Papillion
1 Shinobi Insect Hagakuremino
1 Number 3: Cicada King
1 Salamangreat Almiraj

Tournament/Competitive Decks:

“Tearlaments” Deck

“Tearlaments” Deck

“Tearlaments” Deck

[RUSH DUEL] “Thunderbold the Lightningfire Deity” Deck

[RUSH DUEL] Galaxy + Dragon Deck

[RUSH DUEL] Plant Fusion Summon Deck

[RUSH DUEL] “Thunderbold the Lightningfire Deity” Deck

[RUSH DUEL] Galaxy + Dragon Deck

Instructor Event Deck:

“Agent” Deck

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