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[Deck Recipes] May 7th, 2023

Let’s continue the next act of the Epic Poem of Charles!

New Product Deck: “Infernoble Knight” Deck

1 Infernoble Knight – Ricciardetto
2 Infernoble Knight – Turpin
3 Infernoble Knight – Renaud
1 Infernoble Knight – Roland
3 Infernoble Knight Oliver
3 Infernoble Knight Ogier
1 Infernoble Knight Maugis
1 Brave Beauty of Ruby Regard – Bradamante
3 Noble Knight Medraut
1 Eka the Flame Buddy
1 Immortal Phoenix Gearfried

3 The Noble Arms Museum
3 “Infernoble Arms – Almace”
3 “Infernoble Arms – Durendal”
1 “Infernoble Arms – Joyeuse”
1 Noble Arms – Excaliburn
1 Noble Arms – Caliburn
1 Noble Arms – Arfeudutyr
3 Heritage of the Chalice
1 Reinforcement of the Army

1 The Epic Poem of Charles
1 Horn of Olifant
1 Until Noble Arms are Needed Once Again

1 Angelica, Princess of Noble Arms
2 Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles
2 Infernoble Knight Captain Roland
1 Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver
1 Baronne de Fleur
1 Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus
1 Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights
1 Sacred Noble Knight of King Custennin
2 Charlemagne
2 Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights
1 Ra’ten, the Heavenly General

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