[Deck Recipes] May 31st, 2023

Enjoy the apocalypse with the newest revelations of the Voidvelgr

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: “Voidvelgr” Deck

3 Voidvelgr Chrysaor
3 Voidvelgr Requiem
1 Voidvelgr Elysium
3 Voidvelgr Pale Rider
3 Voidvelgr Logistikos
3 Voidvelgr Kataphraktos
1 Burstray Gunman
3 Voidvelgr Globular
2 Voidvelgr Kyrie
3 Dark Prophet

1 Dark Hole (LEGEND)
3 Void Corridor
2 Trade-In
1 Universtorm
1 Yamata-no-Tsurugi
1 Voidvelgr Gullinbursti
1 Voidvelgr Phalanx
3 Fusion

1 Magic Cylinder (LEGEND)
1 Dark Nebula

3 Voidvelgr Gigantomachia
3 Voidvelgr Theogonia
3 Voidvelgr Apocalypse
3 Voidvelgr Protostar

Tournament/Competitive Decks:

“Branded” + “Bystial” Deck

“Vanquish Soul” Deck

“Kashtira” Deck

“Purrely” Deck

“Vanquish Soul” Deck

“Rescue-ACE” Deck

“Kashtira” Deck

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