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[Deck Recipes] June 8th, 2022

FIRE meets Aqua in Rush Duels, Gadget and Morphtronic… synergy?, and True Draco with some Qardan help

[RUSH DUEL] FIRE + Aqua Deck

3 Dian Keto the Kitchen Master
2 Dian Keto the Security Master
2 Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home
2 Captain Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home Plate
2 Uniform No. 99: Junior Baseball King Dragon, Home Grandra
3 Dododo Second
3 Chemical Cure Red
3 Heat Hyena
3 Zubaba Batter
3 Fire Sorcerer

3 Heavy Roller
2 Trade-In
2 Bubblyman Shock!
2 Tag-Up-Magic Sacrifice Force
1 Bobbleheader
3 Hot-Blooded Spirit Stadium
1 Monster Reborn

2 Party Time – Disco Ball
2 Music Princess’s Solo Performance

New Product Deck: “Gadget” + “Morphtronic” Deck

3 Morphtronic Telefon
3 Morphtronic Remoten
3 Morphtronic Celfon
3 Morphtronic Smartfon
1 Morphtronic Scopen
1 Morphtronic Vacuumen
3 Gadget Gamer
3 Boot-Up Corporal – Command Dynamo
1 Gadget Hauler
1 Boot-Up Admiral – Destroyer Dynamo
1 Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion

3 Morphtronic Convert Unit
3 Boot-Up Order – Gear Charge
3 Machine Duplication
1 One for One
1 Monster Reborn
1 Junk Box
1 Life Exstream
1 Archfiend’s Staff of Despair
1 Metalsilver Armor
1 Supermagic Sword of Raptinus
1 Fleuret de Fleur

1 Formula Synchron
1 Morphtronic Earfon
1 Superheavy Samurai Swordmaster Musashi
1 T.G. Hyper Librarian
1 Power Tool Dragon
1 Power Tool Mecha Dragon
1 Life Stream Dragon
1 Borreload Savage Dragon
1 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
1 Power Tool Braver Dragon
1 Baronne de Fleur
1 Psychic End Punisher
1 Linkuriboh
1 Crystron Halqifibrax
1 Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon

My Favorite Deck: “True Draco” Deck

Make use of the synergy with “Qardan the Great Sage”

1 Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster
3 Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior
3 Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter
1 Vanity’s Fiend
3 Qardan the Great Sage
3 Maxx “C”
3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

1 Harpie’s Feather Duster
1 Terraforming
3 Card of Demise
3 Pot of Duality
1 Dragonic Diagram
3 True Draco Heritage
2 Disciples of the True Dracophoenix

2 Skill Drain
1 Vanity’s Emptiness
2 The Monarchs Erupt
3 True King’s Return
3 True Draco Apocalypse

Master Duel (Diamond Tier 1):

“The Phantom Knights” Deck

“Sky Striker” Deck

“@Ignister” Deck

“Infernoid” Deck

Tournament/Competitive Decks:

“Shaddoll” + “Invoked” Deck

“Crystal Beast” + “Tearalaments” Deck

“Tearalaments” Deck

“Tearalaments” + “Exchange of the Spirit” Deck

“Dinomorphia” Deck

“Splight” Deck

“Madolche” + “Vernalizer Fairy” Deck

Instructor Event Deck:

“B.E.S.” Deck

[RUSH DUEL] Wyrm Deck Featuring “Card Production”

[RUSH DUEL] Dragon Deck Featuring “Sportdragon Lock Closer”


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