[Deck Recipes] June 23rd, 2022

Aqua in Rush Duel, Machina with some G Golem tech, and World Chalice + Mekk-Knight!

[RUSH DUEL] Aqua Deck

2 Dian Keto the Kitchen Master
3 Dian Keto the Boogie Master
2 Dian Keto the Security Master
3 Shoulder Phone Nyan Nyan
3 Lady of Pumps
3 Seahorse Carrier
1 Seahorse Server
3 Kanan the Sword Diva
2 LaMoon the Party Princess
3 Chemical Cure Blue

3 Bubblyman Shock!
2 Moisturize
2 Shape of Aqua
2 Blue Potion
2 Judgment of the Rising Light
1 Pot of Greed (LEGEND)

2 Master’s Cure
1 Party Time – Disco Ball

“Machina” Deck Featuring “Gravity Balance”

1 Machina Ruinforce
3 Machina Citadel
3 Machina Air Raider
3 Machina Irradiator
3 Machina Fortress
3 Machina Gearframe
2 Machina Unclaspare
1 Machina Possesstorage
1 Super Express Bullet Train
3 Therion “King” Regulus
3 Golem Pebble Dog

3 Machina Redeployment
3 Gravity Balance
3 Foolish Burial Goods
2 Clockwork Night

3 Machina Overdrive

1 Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder
1 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe
1 Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora
1 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max
1 Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star
1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
1 Gear Gigant X
1 Unchained Abomination
1 Decode Talker Heatsoul
1 Knightmare Unicorn
2 Qliphort Genius
1 Double Headed Anger Knuckle
1 Splash Mage
1 Union Carrier

My Favorite Deck: “World Chalice” + “Mekk-Knight”

Bring out Normal Monsters with “Box of Friends”

1 Chosen by the World Chalice
1 Crowned by the World Chalice
1 Beckoned by the World Chalice
1 Mekk-Knight Avram
3 World Legacy – “World Chalice”
2 Lee the World Chalice Fairy
2 World Chalice Guardragon
3 Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall
3 Mekk-Knight Blue Sky
1 Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse
1 Mekk-Knight Red Moon
1 Mekk-Knight Yellow Star
1 Mekk-Knight Green Horizon
1 Mekk-Knight Orange Sunset
1 Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-Knight
1 Box of Friends

3 Unexpected Dai
3 Piri Reis Map
1 Pot of Avarice
2 World Legacy Succession
1 World Legacy’s Heart
1 World Legacy Key
1 World Legacy’s Memory
1 Monster Reborn

1 World Legacy’s Secret
1 World Legacy Whispers
1 World Legacy Landmark

1 Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax
1 Mekk-Knight Spectrum Supreme
1 Mekk-Knight of the Morning Star
2 Lib the World Key Blademaster
1 Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior
1 Auram the World Chalice Blademaster
1 Ib the World Chalice Priestess
2 Imduk the World Chalice Dragon
1 Union Carrier
1 I:P Masquerena
1 Link Spider
1 Salamangreat Almiraj
1 World Chalice Guardragon Almarduke

Master Duel (Diamond Tier 1):

“Salamangreat” Deck

“Pacifis, the Phantasm City” Deck

“Adamancipator” Deck

“Zoodiac” Deck

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