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[Deck Recipes] April 23rd, 2023

Yggdrago with the latest tech for Rush; Water Dragon with Transcendrake

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: “Yggdrago the Sky Emperor” Deck Featuring “Ascending Weather Eel”

3 Yggdrago the Sky Emperor (L)
3 Yggdrago the Sky Emperor
3 Yggdrago the Sky Emperor (R)
2 Attolashoot Highdron
2 Seedchrotron Brusselun
3 Peacock Picotron
1 Necromaid Nana
3 Femtron
3 Attron
3 Ascending Weather Eel

3 Heavenly Gift
2 Vicissitude of Providence
1 Graceful Charity (LEGEND)
2 Ship of Seven Treasures
3 Heavenly Invitation

1 Security Hole
2 Emergency Return

New Product Deck: “Transcendrake” Deck Featuring “Water Dragon”

2 Water Dragon Cluster
3 Water Dragon
3 Oxygeddon
3 Hydrogeddon
3 Duoterion
1 Transcendrake Meteoros
3 Xeno Meteoros
3 Souleating Oviraptor
2 Frostosaurus
2 Babycerasaurus
3 Petiteranodon

2 Bonding – D2O
1 Bonding – H2O
3 Ground Xeno
3 Fossil Dig

2 Bonding – DHO
1 Transcendent Flight

2 Transcendrake Gigantozowler
2 Transcendrake Glacesaurus
2 Transcendrake Drillgnathus
2 Evolzar Solda
2 Evolzar Dolkka
2 Evolzar Laggia
1 Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy
1 Agave Dragon
1 Borreload Dragon

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