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[Deck Recipe / Rush Duel] EARTH Machine-Type Deck

It’s time to expose everyone’s dirty laundry!

“Rumbling Report Warship” Centric EARTH Machine-Type Deck

3 News Flash Machine Toughroid
1 Shield Boring Kong
2 Bascule the Moving Fortress
1 Cleaning Machine Gorgain
3 Reporter Raccoon Miketan
1 Cannon Soldier
3 Cyber Falcon
3 Reportrain
3 Bull Breaker
1 Ether Seeker
3 Crafter Drone
3 Delivery Machine Whirr

1 Graceful Charity (LEGEND)
3 Fusion
2 Mechateer Tactics
1 Duplicate Newspaper
1 Tile Burn
1 Iron Onslaught

2 Reporter Soul
1 It’s an Accident!
1 That’s All from the Scene!

3 Lightning Speed, the Rumbling Report Warship
2 Mach Mega Falcon



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