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[Duel Links] Duelist Chronicles: Attack of the Dark Signers

Relive the second part of the first half of 5D’s, and get Yusei’s Majestic Star Dragon

Event is a variant of the Duelist Chronicles event, an event where you spend dice pieces to roll a dice and proceed across the board to get prizes and fight Duelists.

Main Prizes are Majestic Dragon (SR) and Majestic Star Dragon (UR)

Playing through the event grants you a chance to get Prismatic versions of Snyffus and Doppelwarrior

Also, by beating the “Challenge the Earthbound Immortal” sub events versus Kallin and Carly, you’ll get the following skill for Yusei and Jack:

Majestic Light
Can be used by returning 1 Tuner monster in your hand to your Deck. Play “Majestic Dragon” from your Deck.
This Skill can only be used once per turn.


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