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[Duel Links] Dark Zane Event

The real Dark Zane event was the “Duel a guy to get his cards but not get him” clones we made along the way.

For the next week, Zane Truesdale will be appearing in GX World. He is not obtainable as a character at the moment and your goal is to Duel Zane in Duel Missions to obtain cards.

Duel folks in GX World to get more Zane. Duel Zane to get more cards.

Duel in PVP to up the chances of him appearing, besides Dueling the Standard Duelists.

  • Chimeratech Overdragon (UR): Duel Zane 15 Times
  • Cybernetic Fusion Support (SR): Win 7 Duels against Zane
  • Attack Reflector Unit (R): Win 3 Duels against Zane
  • Cyber Kirin (R): Win 3 Duels against Zane
  • Cyber Barrier Dragon (R): Win once against Zane without taking Damage
  • Photon Generator Unit (R): Fusion Summon 3 times in Duels against Zane (You don’t need to Fusion Summon 3 times in one Duel)

The main push is Dueling Zane for getting his Chimeratech Overdragon

Use Chimeratech Overdragon via Cybernetic Fusion Support.

An intro to Zane

Zane’s Specific Drops

  • Chimeratech Overdragon (UR)
  • Cyber Dragon Zwei (SR)
  • Cyber Laser Dragon (SR)
  • Cybernetic Fusion Support (SR)
  • Cyber Repair Plant (SR)
  • Cyber Kirin (R)
  • Proto-Cyber Dragon (R)
  • Cyber Barrier Dragon (R)
  • Photon Generator Unit (R)
  • Attack Reflector Unit (R)


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