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[Duel Links] “Curse of Dread” Mini Box

A new Mini Box has been announced that features Vendreads, Zombie-type monsters, and sneks.

Available from August 13 2019.

  • Recommended Cards
  • Examples of Combos
  • List of Cards Included


Recommended Cards

“Revendread Slayer” [UR]

“Plaguespreader Zombie” [UR]

“Glow-Up Bloom” [UR]

“Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon” [SR]

“Beast King Barbaros” [SR]

“The Fabled Catsith” [SR]

“The Fabled Unicore” [SR]

”Viper’s Rebirth” [SR]

Examples of Combos

Revendread Slayer + Glow-Up Bloom + Revendread Origin

Zombie World + Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon

List of Cards Included 

A total of 50 types: 3 UR, 10 SR, 17R, and 20N.


Revendread Slayer

Plaguespreader Zombie

Glow-Up Bloom


The Fabled Unicore

Red-Eyes Necro Dragon

Mudragon of the Swamp

Vendread Revenants

The Fabled Catsith

Pyramid Turtle

Beast King Barbaros


Revendread Origin

Viper’s Rebirth


Fabled Leviathan

Doomkaiser Dragon

Revived King Ha Des

Vendread Battlelord

Revendread Executor

Vendread Houndhorde

Vendread Striges

Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes

Chainsaw Insect

The Fabled Rubyrada

Pain Painter



Revendread Evolution

Venom Swamp

Snake Rain

The Fabled Ganashia


Archfiend Zombie-Skull

Vendread Chimera

Vendread Core

Vendread Anima

Venom Snake

Venom Boa

Venom Serpent

Vennominion the King of Poisonous Snakes

The 13th Grave

Mech Mole Zombie

Vendread Nights

Vendread Nightmare

Venom Shot

Vendread Reunion

Vendread Revolution

Snake Deity’s Command

Rise of the Snake Deity

Fabled Topi

Bone Crusher

Attack Pheromones