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[TCG] Regarding Delays On Products And Where

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Please note that we are aware that some information pertaining to our European business was posted on Social Media in regards to upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME releases, causing confsion with our KDE-US partners, that we wanted to clarify.

As of right now, there is no intent to delay any release dates in any of the Americas. The delay only pertains to the EMEA(*) business, and does not apply to our region – North America and LATAM (*)

Below is our upcoming release schedule for the next couple of months, please keep in mind that OTS (*) can sell one day prior to the release date:

Duel Overload 03/20/20

Secret Slayers 04/03/20

SD Mechanized Madness 04/17/20

Eternity Code 05/01/20

Speed Duel Starter Decks 05/15/20

Toon Chaos 06/19/20

We will maintain these release dates as long as our distribution partners are not disrupted.

For the most upp to date information on product releases, events, etc., please check the Notification section on KCGN (*).

(*) EMEA = Europe, Middle East and Africa

(*) LATAM = Latin America

(*) OTS = Official Tournament Stores

(*) KCGN = Konami Card Game Network


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