[Cross Duel] Version 1.6.0 Update Balance Adjustments

Upcoming balance adjustments for Cross Duel Ver 1.6 update going live on the 31st.

Red Dragon Archfiend
Special Skill: <At end of Battle Phase> Destroy All monsters in Defense position.
Master Skill: <At End of Battle Phase> Destroy all opponent monsters in Defense Position.

Red Dragon Archfiends Special Skill now functions as it’s master skill previously did, destroying all defense monsters at the end of each turn. The Master skill will no longer destroy your own monsters.

Multistrike Dragon Dragias
Special Skill: <While on the field> All of your monsters gain 2x [Extra Attack]
Master Skill: <While on the field> All of your monsters gain 2x [Extra Attack]. All of your monsters with 3 or more [Extra Attack] gain [Pierce]

Dragias now grants an additional stack of Extra Attack, but the threshold for granting piercing has also been raised.

Summoned Skull
Special Skill: <At the Start of the Battle Phase> All of your opponents’ monsters in Defense Position lose 500 DEF.

Summoned Skull’s updated effect will no longer affect your own monsters.

Elemental HERO Flame Wingman
Special Skill: <While on the field> all of your monsters gain 2x [Crusher].

Flame Wingman now grants 2 stacks of it’s fieldwide buff instead of 1.

Archfiend Eccentrick
Special Skill: <When Summoned> Select one opponent player. That player will not be able to activate Trap Cards until the end of the turn.

You can now target specific players instead of the player in the lane Eccentrick is summoned in.

Restructer Revolution
Select 1 player with the most cards in their hand. Deal 800 damage to them.

Damage buffed from 600 -> 800.

Blue Medicine
Select 1 player. They gain 400 LP.

Healing Value Buffed from 300 -> 400

Select 1 player and inflict 400 damage to them.

Damage buffed from 300-> 400

Curtain of Sparks
<Upon Battling> When 1 of your monsters battles an opponent’s, that monster loses 800 ATK/DEF.

Values increased from 500/500 -> 800/800

Shadow Spell
<When Set position is entered> Opponents monsters lose 1500 ATK

Values increased from 1000 -> 1500

Thanks to our new recurring guest writer, Dread Kaiser

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