[Cross Duel] New videos showing cool stuff

DMG sells and they know it.

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel 3D Monsters Introduction Video”

“All the Monsters have been made into 3D!”

“3D Monsters make the Duels more exciting!”

“Some monsters have special Summoning Animations!”

“Enjoy the impressive Summon scenes!”

“There is also a function to observe the 3D monsters!”

“Enjoy admiring your favorite monsters!”

“Introduction video to the basic rules for 4-player battles in Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel”

“You face 3 opponents!”

“Will you boost your defenses?”

“Or perhaps attack somebody?”

“You can Summon up to 3 monsters at the same time!”

“Analyze the battlefield and make use of your Spells!”

“Switch the situation to your favor by using Spell Cards!”

“The monsters move along the lanes!”

“Turn the tables around with Trap Cards!”

“Destroy your opponents’ monsters by reducing their ATK or DEF to 0 in battle!”

“The ATK and DEF stay reduced after battle!”

“When the LP reaches 0 or after 8 turns have passed, the Duel is over!”

“The Ranking is determined by LP”

“4 minds CROSS in this 4-player new age of Card Battles”

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel trailer video”
(some information overlaps with the other specialized videos, so I’m only adding new information from this video. Watch the vid to watch cool stuff moving around)

“Battle against Duelists from all over the world in real time!!”

“4-Player Co-Op”

“The Raid Boss appears in the middle of the Field”

“The LP of 4 players is shared”

“Combine your powers and face powerful monsters”

“A robust mode that can be enjoyed as a single player is also available!”

“Choose your opponent from among the characters of the various “Yu-Gi-Oh!” generations”

“Form a tag team with the characters and conduct passionate Duels!”

“Room Matches can be held with up to 32 players”

“Hold tournaments with your friends to have fun together!”

“Obtain cards to boost your deck!!”

“Use your spare cards to obtain the cards you want!!”

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