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Cospa Goods at Jump Fest 2016

Basically various authorized Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise at the event (and later on afterwards)

Duel Monsters
Millennium Puzzle Pin Badge (1080 Yen)
KC Pins (972 Yen)
Seto Kaiba Desk Clock (2700 Yen)
Yami Yugi Desk Clock (2700 Yen)
Seto Kaiba Cushion Cover (2700 Yen)
Yami Yugi Cushion Cover (2700 Yen)
Seto Kaiba Big Towel (5184 Yen)
Yami Yugi Big Towel (5184 Yen)
Duel Monsters GX
Duel Academy Pin Badge (1080 Yen)
Judai Yuki Desk Clock (2700 Yen)
Judai Yuki Cushion Cover (2700 Yen)
Judai Yuki Big Towel (5184 Yen)
Yusei Fudo Desk Clock (2700 Yen)
Yusei Fudo Cushion Cover (2700 Yen)
Yusei Fudo Big Towel (5184 Yen)



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