[Duel Links] Consumed by Light: Sartorius Emerges

Duel Sartorius Kumar to unlock him and obtain event exclusive cards.

  • Event Flow
  • Event Information
  • How to Unlock Sartorius Kumar
  • How to Obtain Skill “Three Lord Pillars”
  • Obtainable Cards


1. Collect Tarot Cards

Obtain Tarot Cards by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels.

2. Duel Sartorius Kumar

Use Tarot Cards at the Gate to Duel Sartorius Kumar. In addition, Sartorius Kumar will also appear in Duel World after a certain amount of time.

3. Receive rewards by Dueling in the Event

Duel Sartorius Kumar to obtain exclusive cards. You can also obtain Rewards such as Cards, Gems and Gold by accumulating Event Points.

Tarot Card

*You can obtain a large amount of Tarot Cards by winning Duels.

When you obtain a Tarot Card, you receive an additional 10 Tarot Cards up to twice a day.

Special animation when using the “Arcana Force” monsters’ coin flip effect 

When Sartorius Kumar uses the effect of “Arcana Force” monsters, a rotating card will appear instead of the usual coin flip.

If the card stops right side up, it will count as heads, and if it stops upside down, it will count as tails.

Ex Jewel

*Please note that EX Jewels disappear once the opportunity to use them at the Card Trader ends.

Duel Sartorius to accumulate Event Points and obtain various Rewards.

How to Unlock Sartorius Kumar

Sartorius Kumar’s Ace Card

How to Unlock Skill “Three Lord Pillars”

Obtainable Rewards 

“Arcana Force XII – The Hangman” [UR]

“Ledger of Legerdemain” [SR]


“Arcana Force I – The Magician” [SR]

“Arcana Force III – The Empress” [SR]

“Arcana Force VI – The Lovers” [R]

“Arcana Force XIV – Temperance” [SR]


This event will end July 17 2019.


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