[MERCHANDISE] Dark Magician Girl Kitsune and ART WORKS figures

A more traditional cutesy Dark Magician Girl from ART WORKS, and a cooler actionesque Dark Magician Girl from Kitsune Statue.

First, Megahouse’s ART WORKS Dark Magician Girl figure is now available for preorder, to be shipped in March 2024.

  • Price: ¥26,400/$185.80 USD
  • Size: 225mm/8.86 in. tall
  • Retailers: Premium Bandai (which will be a pain for Westerners to access), Jump Characters Store, AmiAmi, Yellow Submarine (excluding some stores), Kaiba Corporation Store


In addition, Kitsune Statue’s own Dark Magician Girl statue is now available for preorder, except in Japan, and will ship in Q3 of 2024 (July-September). This statue was explicitly designed to be more serious, depicting Dark Magician Girl in an action pose from her appearance in the Virtual World arc (note the ice she’s posing on).

  • Size: H41.3 cm x W23.3 cm x D23.3 cm/H16.25 x W9.2 x D9.2 in.
  • Price: €599/$657.10

Kitsune Statue also showed off their anticipated Yami Marik and The Winged Dragon of Ra statue, though no release date or price were announced.


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