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[MERCHANDISE] New York Comic Con goods

A ton of new pins from Pin Club, and Rescue Rabbit plushies will be available at New York Comic Con.

First up, the Konami booth at NYCC is #2019 (at the entrance to Hall 3B inside the Javits Center) is holding demo events where you can win one of these Rescue Rabbit plushies.

In addition, Pin Club have revealed eight new pins they will be selling at their event, likely $10-15 USD each.

Akiza Izinski (with Bloody Kiss) and Black Rose Dragon

Junk Warrior and Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon (the latter apparently glows in the dark)

Dark Sage and Winged Kuriboh

Téa Gardner and KaibaCorp Duel Disk

In addition, Pin Club are also selling their previously shown Elemental HERO Neos, Pegasus (and his monsters) and Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon pins. It’s unclear as to whether any of these pins will be available for purchase on their website or at later events.

Pin Club news source

Rescue Rabbit plush source

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