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[RC04] The First Look at Rarity Collection: Quarter Century Edition

Nothing new, just good reprints.

The Pack Art

RC04-JP010 Fairy Tail – Luna (Reprint)
RC04-JP011 Inspector Boarder (Reprint)
RC04-JP014 Danger!? Jackalope? (Reprint)
RC04-JP018 Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon (Reprint)
RC04-JP019 Elder Entity N’tss (Reprint)
RC04-JP029 Mudragon of the Swamp (Reprint)
RC04-JP032 Herald of the Arc Light (Reprint)
RC04-JP036 Downerd Magician (Reprint)
RC04-JP038 Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon (Reprint)
RC04-JP046 Code Talker Inverted (Reprint)
RC04-JP052 Reinforcement of the Army (Reprint)
RC04-JP053 Reasoning (Reprint)
RC04-JP055 Spellbook of Judgment (Reprint)
RC04-JP066 Chaos Space (Reprint)
RC04-JP071 Summon Limit (Reprint)


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