CDP: Yosenju Nemleria, Dorothy’s YGO Dreams

Witness the Mayosenju unleash Dizzying Winds, from bed!


Strategic Summary:

Do you feel the gust of the Yosenju archetype blowing back onto my channel? Because it’s finally here! The Yosenju theme consists of WIND monsters, and is an archetype that features two vastly different gameplans. While you can play this deck as a slow control archetype abusing their additional Normal Summons, today I’m going all in on their Pendulum aspect led by the Level 10 Mayosenju monsters, Mayosenju Daibak and Mayosenju Hitot. Whenever each is summoned, Diabak returns up to 2 cards on the field to the hand and Hitot can return 1; therefore, the point of this theme is to blow away any established board and go for game. To enable the Pendulum Summon of these Level 10 monsters, both Hitot and Yosenju Shinchu R carry an effect to turn one of your Pendulum Scales into 11 for the turn, giving you the opportunity to summon your powerful bosses. Then lasty, the Yosenju have a few tools at their disposal to ensure consistency, such as Yosenju Sabu, which tutors any Yosenju Pendulum monster on summon, and Yosenju Oroshi Channeling, which can set both of your scales for a Pendulum Summon or tutor a Level 5 or higher Yosenju monster. But there’s now a new way to tutor your Mayosenju monsters: Dream Tower of Princess Nemleria.

You see, this Nemleria Continuous Spell is perfect for the deck, as you can banish 2 face-down cards in your Extra Deck to tutor 2 Level 10 Beast monsters with different names. Isn’t it great that both Hitot and Daibak are Level 10 Beasts? The downside of Dream Tower isn’t even really a factor here, as Yosenju don’t really want to summon anything from the Extra Deck outside of their Pendulum Monsters that have been previously destroyed. As far as the rest of the Nemleria gameplan, I’m running a trimmed down version of their support cards, but Dreaming Nemleria still remains a win condition option as well, as once your Extra Deck has been emptied, she can return from the Extra Deck to banish your opponent’s cards face-down. Very few archetypes can survive a one-two punch of having their cards banished then the rest returned back to the hand, so accomplishing that is this deck’s main goal. Since you don’t really have time to care about the board that your opponent establishes, I’m actually using a few stalling hand tricks to stop the opponent when they think they can safely go for game. In this case, I’m referring to both Swift Scarecrow and Battle Fader. Now that the game has evolved so far, most opponent’s won’t really expect either, and either can buy you the extra turn you need to win the duel! Channel the tornadic activity of the Yosenju theme with the support of Sweet Dreams, Nemleria!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 25
|| Mayosenju Daibak
| Nemleria Dream Devourer – Reveil
||| Mayosenju Hitot
||| Yosenju Sabu
|| Yosenju Shinchu L
|| Yosenju Shinchu R
||| Dreaming Nemleria
||| Swift Scarecrow
||| Battle Fader
||| Eater of Millions

Spells: 14
||| Sweet Dreams, Nemleria
||| Pot of Extravagance
|| Extra Pendulum
||| Yosenju Oroshi Channeling
|| Dream Tower of Princess Nemleria
| Yosen Whirlwind

Traps: 5
||| Yosenjus’ Sword Sting
| Nemleria Repette
| Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village

Extra Deck:
|| Skypalace Gangaridai
|| Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max
|| Sylvan Princessprite
| Lyrilusc – Ensemblue Robin
|| GranSolfachord Coolia
|| Exceed the Pendulum
|| GranSolfachord Musecia
|| Beyond the Pendulum


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