CDP: Vehicroid Fusion Connections in Megaroid City, ft. Meteorush – Blackwhiteroid

This is an Emergeroid Call for any vehicles in the area.


Strategic Summary:

Zooming in today, we have the Machine Roid archetype! This theme is all about assembling the right collection of Vehicles, or Roid monsters, for the job to make a Super Vehicroid Fusion Summon! To assemble the correct vehicles in your Wonder Garage, you need consistency, and that’s where Megaroid City comes in. This Field Spell lets you destroy any other card you control to tutor any Roid card. You also have Mixeroid, a Level 4 WIND Roid monster that can tribute itself to Special Summon any non-WIND Roid from your Deck. Finally, Dragonroid enters the fray being able to be discarded to tutor any non-WIND Roid monster. If you’re wondering why the non-WIND restriction, they had to remove the ability for all of these cards to tutor Speedroid monsters… because joy for the naming overlap! There’s also one more option for summoning the Roid you need – Fusion Deployment, as it can be used to Special Summon a listed Fusion Material monster from your Deck. Now, Roids have been known to get random one-off support cards for many years now, and they actually just got one in PHHY – Meteorush – Blackwhiteroid (YGOrg Translation). While this monster doesn’t support the Fusion strategy all that much, it does give the theme another monster with enough conditional ATK power to threaten the opponent, which is something… Anyways, if it wasn’t clear yet, you aren’t using the Roid monsters for their effects, just for Fusion material.

On that note, for the Fusion Bosses themselves, I’m going to start with the biggest and baddest – Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine. This Level 12 Fusion is made of 5 Machine Roid monsters, with the ability to attack twice with its 4000 ATK. Next up is Super Vehicroid – Stealth Union, the prize for assembling Truckroid, Expressroid, Drillroid, and Stealthroid. This monster can equip a non-Machine monster on the field as an Equip Card to be able to attack all monsters your opponent controls once each! Or you can just use that effect as a removal option. The final big boss monster is Super Vehicroid – Mobile Base, which is Fusion Summoned by using a Roid Fusion monster and any other Roid monster. This Level 10 monster may have 0 ATK but it boasts 5000 DEF, as well as an ability to target a monster your opponent controls to Special Summon a Roid monster from your Deck or Extra Deck with less ATK. If you’re worried about being able to Fusion Summon Mobile Base don’t be – Ready Fusion is a great way to summon out Steam Gyroid to serve the Fusion material! Let these Fusion Roids drive their way straight into your heart, at least until they connect with a new batch of legacy support down the line!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 19
||| Meteorush – Blackwhiteroid
||| Dragonroid
| Drillroid
| Stealthroid
|| Truckroid
||| Expressroid
||| Mixeroid
||| King of the Swamp

Spells: 18
||| Fusion Deployment
|| Vehicroid Connection Zone
|| Polymerization
||| Ready Fusion
| Terraforming
| Monster Reborn
||| Future Fusion
||| Megaroid City

Traps: 6
||| Wonder Garage
||| Emergeroid Call

Extra Deck:
|| Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine
||| Super Vehicroid – Mobile Base
|| Super Vehicroid – Stealth Union
| Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill
| Ambulance Rescueroid
||| Steam Gyroid
|| Pair Cycroid
| Gear Gigant X


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