CDP: Pure Salamangreat Post-DP28; now with Synchros!

See the new cards in action!


Strategic Summary:

Welcome back to today’s CDP, this time taking the FIRE/Cyberse Salamangreat archetype, fitting in the new cards, and seeing how they perform. If you missed my ‘competitive’ take on Salamangreat post the May 2022 F/L list, be sure to check it out here first.

Now that we have a baseline of how I envisioned Salamangreat to be, let’s talk about the new support cards and what role they can serve. First up, to me, is their new Synchro Monster, Salamangreat Burst Gryphon (YGOrg Translation). This Level 8 Synchro can Special Summon any Level 7 or lower FIRE monster from your GY, then its level gets reduced by the summoned monster. This enables its other effect, enabled by Synchro Summoning another Burst Gryphon using the first Burst Gryphon, which Special Summons any monster from your GY during the next Standby Phase. To bring out this new extender, the deck received two new Tuners in Salamangreat Teeger (YGOrg Translation), which is a Level 5 Tuner that can make itself Level 4 or Level 6 to provide access to Burst Gryphon, and Salamangreat Wheesel (YGOrg Translation), which is a Level 3 Tuner and, to me, is the best new support card. Wheesel has an effect to Special Summon itself from the hand, much like most of the archetype, but it also carries an effect to Special Summon a Salamangreat monster from your GY to the opponent’s field and draw a card whenever you Special Summon a Salamangreat boss monster. This is really cool, because it enables you to give your opponent a Link Monster while you control Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix, burning your opponent for its ATK, which will help in the competitive scene whenever you are going for a win in time. Or, if you’re me and want to find cool ways to use older cards, I love that Weesel enables you to use Burning Draw to Draw 4 cards, ever so consistently.

As for the other new cards featured here: Salamangreat Charge (YGOrg Translation) is a Quick-Play Spell that lets you Special Summon a FIRE monster and recycle two others, or it can be used to destroy a card on the field. Salamangreat Revive (YGOrg Translation), (an ironic name because they already had plenty of other cards that revive) is a new Normal Trap that Special Summons any FIRE monster from your GY, as well as letting you effectively double the ATK of a Salamangreat monster you control. And the final card, the one that seemed to get the internet to turn their heads, is the new LINK-4 monster, Salamangreat Raging Phoenix (YGOrg Translation). This Link Monster tutors any Salamangreat card when Link Summoned using another Raging Phoenix as material, but it also has a GY effect to Special Summon itself back to your field whenever any FIRE monster is destroyed by battle or card effect. Each of these new cards fills a unique niche in the Salamangreat Deck, so be sure to try them out for yourselves and see what you can do with the archetype in 2023!

[Note, Salamangreat of Fire (YGOrg Translation) got revealed after this profile was completed, so that’s why it wasn’t included here!]

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 20
| Salamangreat Beat Bison
| Salamangreat Teeger
|| Hiita the Fire Channeler
| Salamangreat Jack Jaguar
| Salamangreat Falco
| Mathmech Subtraction
| Salamangreat Fennec
| Salamangreat Gazelle
||| Salamangreat Spinny
||| Salamangreat Foxy
|| Salamangreat Wheesel
| Salamangreat Meer
| Prohibit Snake
| Salamangreat Mole

Spells: 16
|| Link into the VRAINS!
| Burning Draw
||| Cynet Mining
| Salamangreat Recureance
| World Legacy Succession
||| Salamangreat Circle
| Cynet Rollback
| Salamangreat Charge
|| Will of the Salamangreat
| Salamangreat Sanctuary

Traps: 4
|| Salamangreat Rage
| Salamangreat Revive
| Salamangreat Roar

Extra Deck:
|| Salamangreat Burst Gryphon
| Lavalval Salamander
| Salamangreat Miragestallio
|| Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix
|| Salamangreat Raging Phoenix
| Fire Phoenix @Ignister
| Salamangreat Heatleo
||| Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf
| Flame Administrator
| Salamangreat Balelynx


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