CDP: Memento, Relics of the Past, ft. Dark Hole Dragon and DVBS Support

Reimagined Normal Monsters return with destructive tendencies.


Strategic Summary:

Today’s CDP marks the debut of the Memento theme on my channel, but I have a feeling I’ll be covering them again soon when they receive their next bit of support. Anyways, to be blunt, the Memento archetype is all about destroying your monsters, and filling the GY for the eventual summon of their boss monster, Mementoral Tecuhtlica, the Netherskull Dragon (YGOrg Translation). This Level 11 Wyrm monster boasts 5000 ATK and DEF, and if you control only it, it can attack all opponent’s monsters once each. Additionally, whenever your opponent activates any card/effect, Tecuhtlica Special Summons a Memento from your hand or GY. Oh, and did I mention that it can be summoned from the hand or GY just by shuffling back 5 other Memento monsters from your GY back into the Deck? To facilitate this summon, there’s a bunch of different ways to get Memento monsters into the GY. For example, Memento Tatsunootoshigo (YGOrg Translation) can be Special Summoned by controlling no face-up non-Memento monsters, and it can destroy a Memento you control to send any number of Memento monsters from your Deck to the GY with totals Levels less than the destroyed monster’s level. Since it is Level 5, that means you can send the Level 3 and 2 Level 1 Mementos, making that 4/5 of your summon requirement for Tecuhtlca. You can also turn to Memento Dark Blade (YGOrg Translation), which can destroy a Memento you control to Special Summon a Level 3 or lower one from the Deck. Special Summon Memento Fairywitch (YGOrg Translation), and you’ll also tutor a Memento monster along the way! Or summon Memento Goblin (YGOrg Translation) to destroy a Memento and send 2 more Mementos from the Deck to the GY.

In short, yes, this deck destroys and sends a lot to the GY. But what if I told you that you can profit even more from this destruction? The theme’s Field Spell, Netherskull Temple – Mementolan (YGOrg Translation) lets you target a monster destroyed by battle or card effect to Special Summon a Memento of a lower Level from your hand or GY. Or, look to Supply Squad, which will give you a free draw the first time a monster is destroyed by battle or card effect. Or better yet, look to Dark Hole Dragon (YGOrg Translation), since it can be Special Summoned from the hand or GY whenever a monster on the field is destroyed by a card effect that didn’t target it, such as by Tatsunootoshigo or Dark Blade. Rounding out this wave of Memento support is a few key Spell/Trap cards, such as Memento Fracture Dance (YGOrg Translation), which can destroy a card on the field, then another one if you have Tecuhtlica out. Better yet is Memento Cranium Burst (YGOrg Translation), who forces your opponent to attack the Memento with the highest ATK and that can reduce the ATK of a Tecuhtlica by 1000 to negate an opponent’s activated monster effect on the field. Lastly, the theme has debuted with two Quick-Play Spells, Memento Bone Back (YGOrg Translation), which can Special Summon Tecuhtlica from the hand/deck ignoring its summoning conditions, and Memento Bone Party (YGOrg Translation), which destroys a Memento in your hand/field to tutor or Special Summon a new Memento from your Deck. Bring these relics (or Mementos if you daresay) to future duels and witness the might of Tecuhtlica!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 17
|| Mementoral Tecuhtlica, the Netherskull Dragon
|| Dark Hole Dragon
| Memento Horn Dragon
||| Memento Tatsunootoshigo
||| Memento Dark Blade
||| Memento Fairywitch
| Memento Goblin
|| Memento Mace

Spells: 20
| One for One
| Harpie’s Feather Duster
| Reinforcement of the Army
||| Dark Hole
| Terraforming
| Foolish Burial
| Memento Bone Back
| Set Rotation
||| Memento Bone Party
||| Supply Squad
|| Netherskull Temple – Mementolan
|| Black Garden

Traps: 3
|| Memento Fracture Dance
| Memento Cranium Burst

Extra Deck:
| Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder
| Stellar Nemesis T-PHON – Doomsday Star
| The Zombie Vampire
| Topologic Bomber Dragon
| Accesscode Talker
| Borrelcode Dragon
| Knightmare Unicorn
| Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians
| Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy
| Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous
| Aussa the Earth Charmer, Immovable
| S:P Little Night
| I:P Masquerena
| Linkuriboh
| Relinquished Anima


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