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Creative Deck Profile: Majestic Stardust Synchron, ft. Dawn of Majesty Support

Take every facet of Yusei’s Synchro-heavy strategy to top gear!


Strategic Summary:

The new Stardust/Majestic support was revealed earlier this week, and it certainly has an impact if you’re looking for a high-speed Synchro deck to try out! With the new Stardust Synchron (YGOrg Translation) and Stardust Trail (YGOrg Translation), it has never been easier to make a string of Synchro Summons. However, the end result now includes the new Shooting Majestic Star Dragon (YGOrg Translation), which carries a number of powerful effects to disrupt even the strongest of monsters or effect activations. Combine that with the spamming power of Synchrons in general, and you can make quite a few power boards with the new support. But the relevant new support isn’t exclusively contained to monsters, Majestic Mirage (YGOrg Translation) also brings along the possibility for multiple negates or simply additional disruption whenever you tribute or banish one of your Dragons!

While all this support is newly revealed, my build in particular has a number of unique tech choices that I hope you can use in your testing with the new support cards. Diviner of the Heralds (YGOrg Translation) may not be released in the TCG just yet, but it is one of the best tuners to synergize with tributing. First, whenever it is summoned you can send a Fairy from the deck or Extra Deck to the GY (if you send Herald of the Arc Light you get a free Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended to protect your further plays). Next, whenever it is tributed, you can special summon a level 2 or lower fairy from your deck. This is relevant simply because you can bring out the overlooked card Cupid Volley. Volley is great in synchron since it can modulate its level anywhere between 1 and 4, giving you the perfect non-tuner material to pair with Stardust Synchron (YGOrg Translation)to make Junk Speeder, Stardust Charge Warrior, Shooting Riser Dragon, or even Stardust Dragon itself! Remember, Diviner can also be triggered by the Synchron Field Spell, Starlight Junktion, for even more fun interactions. Accelerate with this new support and take to the skies with the ever-Majestic Stardust Dragon!

Note: As many of these cards were recently revealed, most of the names used below are YGOrg translations of the OCG text. As these cards are also yet to be released even in the OCG or backed by official rulings, card interactions as they currently stand cannot be fully guaranteed. As always, I’ve provided links to the Yugipedia pages for all of the non-TCG cards in the decklist. Feel free to use those links to fully explore the new Majestic Support! If you missed out on seeing the new support, check out our article on it here:

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 22
||| Stardust Synchron
|| Stardust Trail
|| Junk Synchron
||| Doppelwarrior
| Satellite Synchron
||| Diviner of the Heralds
||| Junk Converter
| Cupid Volley
| Stardust Xiaolong
| Rokket Synchron
| Wish-Converging Dragon
| Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended

Spells: 16
| Reinforcement of the Army
| Upstart Goblin
| Terraforming
| Foolish Burial
| Monster Reborn
||| Tuning
||| Stardust Illuminate
|| Arriving Miracle
||| Starlight Junktion

Traps: 2
|| Majestic Mirage

| Red Supernova Dragon
| Shooting Majestic Star Dragon
| Majestic Star Dragon
| Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon
| Satellite Warrior
| Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys
|| Stardust Dragon
| Shooting Riser Dragon
| Coral Dragon
| Stardust Charge Warrior
| T.G. Hyper Librarian
| Junk Speeder
| Herald of the Arc Light
| Formula Synchron


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