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Creative Deck Profile: PEndymion SpellCounter

Embrace the Mightiest of Spells with the Endymion!


Strategic Summary:

Unlock the secret powers of Spells with the Pendulum Endymion theme! This archetype is all about generating an absurd amount of advantage, through the combination of both Spell Counter support cards and the Pendulum mechanic itself. For one, I’m using the Spellbook engine to generate Spell counters across a variety of cards, and almost all of the Endymion monsters to drive your gameplan forward. The key star of this build is Magical Abductor, as it searches either Magicians’ Souls from the monster zone or any other Pendulum monster from the Pendulum Zone. Additionally, my build uses both Master Magician bosses: Endymion, the Master Magician loops spells back to hand by summoning itself through removing 6 Spell Counters from a Magical Citadel of Endymion (or Endymion’s Lab), and Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic ends games on his whim. Lastly, since Souls works so well with the Magician’s Restage package, I’m running 3 copies of Rogue of Endymion, but definitely take this deck in your own direction with some of the Mythical Beasts if you so choose. Together, you can truly master magic with this spell-weaving strategy!


Monsters: 21
|| Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic
| Endymion, the Master Magician
||| Reflection of Endymion
| Codebreaker Zero Day
||| Magical Abductor
||| Magister of Endymion
||| Rogue of Endymion
| Servant of Endymion
| Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
||| Magicians’ Souls

Spells: 19
|| Spellbook of Knowledge
||| Spell Power Mastery
| Upstart Goblin
| Terraforming
|| Spellbook of Secrets
|| Magical Bestiary
| Magician’s Left Hand
||| Magician’s Restage
| Endymion’s Lab
| Magician’s Right Hand
| Mythical Institution
| Magical Citadel of Endymion

| Borrelsword Dragon
| Codebreaker Virus Berserker
| Knightmare Unicorn
|| Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians
| Codebreaker Virus Swordsman
| Knightmare Phoenix
| Knightmare Cerberus
| Akashic Magician
| Day-Breaker the Shining Magical Warrior
| Barricadeborg Blocker
| Crowley, the First Propheseer
| Underclock Taker
| Linkuriboh
| Relinquished Anima


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