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Creative Deck Profile: Toadally Awesome Amazoness Splight, ft. POTE and DP26 Support

Enter the jungle and watch sparks fly!


Strategic Summary:

Welcome back to a new profile, this time centered on highlighting three archetypes in one profile with new support cards across multiple sets. Let’s start with the Amazoness – in the new EARTH Duelist Park, the Amazoness archetype is set to receive a massive boost to its Fusion playstyle, in addition to receiving Pendulum Monsters for the first time! Amazoness Golden Whip Master (YGOrg Translation) and Amazoness Silver Sword Master (YGOrg Translation) are similar in that each can set itself to the Pendulum Scale(s) from the GY whenever any Amazoness monster is Special Summoned. This works perfect with the theme, as if you use both for a Fusion Summon, such as for Amazoness King Liger (YGOrg Translation), you can then set both scales for free, essentially making the Fusion Summon carry no cost in card advantage. As Pendulum Spells, these two masters each give you more of an advantage boost whenever an Amazoness monster battles. As for the other key new support, Amazoness Warrior Chief (YGOrg Translation) is a Level 5 monster that Special Summons itself from the hand, then sets a Polymerization or a Amazoness Spell/Trap to your field. While all of the useful Amazoness Spell/Traps can’t be activated the turn they’re set, this is perfect for Polymerization, giving even more consistency. Finally, it’s important to note that the Amazoness theme has supurb consistency already, between Amazoness Call and Amazoness Princess, so you should have no problems getting to the combos you need.

Onto the second part of the deck, that’s where the new Splight archetype comes in. Splight features DARK and FIRE Thunder monsters that revolve around Level 2, Rank 2, and Link 2 monsters, and they all have easy ways onto your board. Any of the Main Deck monsters can Special Summon themselves while you control any Level/Rank 2 monster, and Splight Blue (YGOrg Translation) and Splight Jet (YGOrg Translation) both tutor Splight cards whenever they’re Special Summoned. The true power cards of this archetype lie in the Extra Deck, with Splight Elf (YGOrg Translation) recovering a Level 2 or Link 2 monster from the GY during either player’s turn, or Gigantic Splight (YGOrg Translation) which can Special Summon any Level 2 monster from the deck. This effect works great with the Swap Frog and Ronintoadin engine that I’m also using to unlock Toadally Awesome for additional disruption. In a few words, what does this hybrid actually do best? The answer to that is simple – it prevents your opponent from being able to attack. With both Dupe Frog and Amazoness King Liger sharing the effect that your opponent has to select them as attack targets, your opponent won’t be able to attack while you have both on the board. As they expend more resources to try and break that lock, you have plenty of disruptive tools at your disposal, such as Splight Red (YGOrg Translation), Splight Carrot (YGOrg Translation), Toadally Awesome, Splight Smashers (YGOrg Translation)… So if you enjoy combining a fun casual theme with the hyper competitive archetype on the horizon, be sure to add a jolt of electricity to the Amazoness clan!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 27
||| Amazoness Golden Whip Master
||| Amazoness Warrior Chief
||| Amazoness Silver Sword Master
||| Amazoness Princess
|| Splight Jet
| Splight Red
||| Splight Blue
| Splight Carrot
||| Swap Frog
| Amazoness Shaman
| Ronintoadin
| Dupe Frog
|| Fire Flint Lady

Spells: 12
| Polymerization
| Reinforcement of the Army
| Foolish Burial
| Monster Reborn
| Splight Starter
||| Amazoness Call
| Splight Smashers
| Amazoness Secret Technique
| Amazoness Heirloom

Trap: 1
| Amazoness Onslaught

Extra Deck:
| Amazoness Kaiserin
|| Amazoness King Liger
| Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder
| Downerd Magician
| Toadally Awesome
| Onibimaru Soul Sweeper
|| Gigantic Splight
| Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax
| Accesscode Talker
|Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights
|| Splight Elf
| I:P Masquerena


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