[Cardobing] Denkou – Sekka

A new card appears! Denkou – Sekka (Which Comes in “Next Challengers”)

Its ability to seal ambushing Spells and Trap Cards is incredible!!
“Next Challengers” (NECH), which comes out July 19th, 2014, includes a new LIGHT-Attribute monster with an effect that prevents players from activating set Spell/Trap Cards or even Setting Spell or Trap Cards!

Read on about the details and consider ways only you’ll be able to use it!

Denkou Sekka
(Thunder-Type ATK 1700/DEF 1000)
Cannot be Special Summoned. (1) If you control no Set Spell/Trap Cards, neither player can Set Spell/Trap Cards, or activate Set Spell/Trap Cards that are on the field.

It’s a useful effect against Deck themes and Decks that rely on a lot of Spell/Trap Cards to ambush their opponents, such as “Artifacts”!

This effect also affects you, so use Spells and Traps that remain face-up to support this monster, including Field Spell Cards, Equip Spell Cards, Continuous Spell Cards or Continuous Trap Cards.

What kind of cards will you use it with?



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