[Cardobing] Reaper Scythe – Dreadscythe and Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

The new card “Reaper Scythe – Dreadscythe”! The New Structure Deck also includes “Neo-Spacian Grand Mole”!

“Collector’s Pack: Duelist of Legend” (CPL1), on sale May 17th, includes a ton of must-see cards for Duelists! In honor of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game’s 15th Anniversary, a ton of cards that have have appeared in the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series!

Cards that appeared in parts of the animated series can now be played in the Official Card Game, allowing you to build and play your Decks just like the characters from the animated series, which’ll be even more fun!

So let’s introduce a new card here and now!

As well, during the second part, let’s introduce a card reprinted in “Sturcture Deck -HERO’s STRIKE-“!

“Collector’s Pack: Duelist of Legend” incluides “Reaper Scythe – Dreadscythe”!

Reaper Scythe – Dreadscythe
(Equip Spell Card)
An Equip Spell Card that can only be equipped with “Guardian Dreadscythe”. The Equipped monster gains 500 ATK for each monster in each Graveyard! It counts the monsters in both YOUR and YOUR opponent’s Graveyard, so if there’s a total of 10 between them, it gains 5000 Attack! Or if there are 20, it gains 10,000 Attack! “Guardian Dreadscythe”, which comes in the same pack, comes with an effect that equips this Spell Card to it straight from the Deck, allowing you to pull off a combo that’ll make its ATk skyrocket, so much that it can instantly decide the Duel! And it’s not a dream!

Collector’s Pack: Duelist of Legend

“Structure Deck-HERO’s STRIKE-” includes “Neo-Spacian Grand Mole”!

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
(Level 3 EARTH Rock-Type ATK 900/DEF 300)
This card has a powerful effect you can activate at the start of a Damage Step in which it battles an opponent’s monster, letting you return it and the opponent’s monster to their owner’s hands. If you constantly return cards to the opponent’s hand, you can keep returning the opponent’s monster to the hand every turn. Also if your opponent’s monster is a Fusion, Synchro or Xyz monster, that monster returns to the Extra Deck! Because it’s not only the opponent’s monster that returns to the hand, it’s pretty handy!

Structure Deck -HERO’s STRIKE-

Source: http://www.yugioh-card.com/japan/topics/?20140425

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