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[DBSW] Magibullet Shooter Wild

The final Magibullet monster is revealed, and it’s based on classic gunslinger Wild Bill Hicock!

DBSW-JP021 魔弾の射手 ワイルド Madan no Shashu Wild (Magibullet Shooter Wild)
Level 4 LIGHT Fiend Effect Monster
ATK 1700
DEF 900
You can only use the (2)nd effect with this card’s name once per turn.
(1) You can activate “Magibullet” Spells/Traps from your hand during either player’s turn.
(2) If a Spell/Trap Card is activated in this card’s column: You can target 3 “Magibullet” cards in your Graveyard; shuffle all 3 of them into the Deck, then draw 1 card.



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