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[SD39] Masters of the Spiritual Arts Full List

The lack of the Water and Wind “Awakening of the Possessed” nags at me.

SD39-JP001 Aussa the Earth Charmer (Parallel)
SD39-JP002 Eria the Water Charmer (Parallel)
SD39-JP003 Hiita the Fire Charmer (Parallel)
SD39-JP004 Wynn the Wind Charmer (Parallel)
SD39-JP005 Awakening of the Possessed – Archfiend Reaper of Nefariousness (Super Rare)
SD39-JP006 Awakening of the Possessed – Great Inari Fire (Super Rare)
SD39-JP007 Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness
SD39-JP008 Jigabyte
SD39-JP009 Inari Fire
SD39-JP010 Ranryu
SD39-JP011 Fairy Tail – Sleeper
SD39-JP012 Fairy Tail – Rella
SD39-JP013 Fairy Tail – Luna
SD39-JP014 Witchcrafter Golem Aruru
SD39-JP015 Dark Doriado
SD39-JP016 Witch of the Black Forest
SD39-JP017 Effect Veiler
SD39-JP018 Santa Claws
SD39-JP019 Denko Sekka
SD39-JP020 Sangan
SD39-JP021 Grand Spiritual Art – Ichirin (Super Rare)
SD39-JP022 Awakening of the Possessed
SD39-JP023 Secret Village of the Spellcasters
SD39-JP024 Wonder Wand
SD39-JP025 Spellbook of Knowledge
SD39-JP026 Terraforming
SD39-JP027 Book of Eclipse
SD39-JP028 Heat Wave
SD39-JP029 Twin Twisters
SD39-JP030 Dark Ruler No More
SD39-JP031 Teamwork of the Possessed (Super Rare)
SD39-JP032 Unpossessed
SD39-JP033 Spiritual Earth Art – Kurogane
SD39-JP034 Spiritual Water Art – Aoi
SD39-JP035 Spiritual Fire Art – Kurenai
SD39-JP036 Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi
SD39-JP037 Metaverse
SD39-JP038 Dimensional Barrier
SD39-JP039 Evenly Matched
SD39-JP040 Solemn Warning

Spiritual Awakening Pack

(All Cards are Super or Secret Rare)
SD39-JPP01 Familiar-Possessed – Aussa (Secret Rare Has A New Illustration)
SD39-JPP02 Familiar-Possessed – Eria (Secret Rare Has A New Illustration)
SD39-JPP03 Familiar-Possessed – Hiita (Secret Rare Has A New Illustration)
SD39-JPP04 Familiar-Possessed – Wynn (Secret Rare Has A New Illustration)
SD39-JPP05 Masters of the Spiritual Arts


SD39-JPT01 Token
SD39-JPT02 Token
SD39-JPT03 Token
SD39-JPT04 Token
SD39-JPT05 Token


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