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[Duel Links] Resonance of Contrast

A new Mini-Boxr set is released that supports Red-Eyes and brings the Bujin theme to Duel Links.

Release Date: January 25th, 2018

2 Ultra Rares

Snipe Hunter
Red-Eyes Slash Dragon

8 Super Rares

Phalanx Pike
Defense Draw
Paladin of the Cursed Dragon
Skill Successor
Void Trap Hole
Bujin Yamato
Dawn Knight
Paladin of Dark Knight

14 Rares

Royal Command
Luster Dragon
Sacred Crane
Vampire’s Curse
Rainbow Veil
Flamvell Poun
Photon Lead
Trial and Tribulation
Bujin Regalia – The Sword
Bujin Boar
Bujin Centipede
Vampire Grace
Bujin Arasuda

16 Normals

The Wicked Worm Beast
Destruction Punch
8-Claws Scorpion
Sand Gambler
Majestic Mech – Senku
Foolish Revival
Healing Wave Generator
Card of Sacrifice
Crashbug Road
Bujingi Ophidian
Bujingi Ibis
Bujin Regalia – The Mirror
Bujingi Warg
Bujingi Pavo
Dark Dragon Ritual



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