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Pot of Greed Pottery by Premium Bandai

We may finally learn the truth of Pot of Greed

Pot of Greed

Sales Price: 11,550 Yen
Delivery Date: Scheduled to be Delivered during April 2020

Product Details:
“Pot of Greed” appears as a fully painted piece of pottery!
Its production will be done by the city of Mino, a city renowned for its pottery production. In addition, we’ve given it metallic coloring to make it look more like the real thing.
You can use this pot as an item to decorate your room, or give it as a present to friends!!

・ Product Name: Pot of Greed
・ Price: 11,550 Yen (Tax Included) (Shipping and Handling Not Included)
・ Target Audience: 15 Years and Up
・ Set Contents: 1 Pot (Rug Not Included)
・ Product Size: Body (Approximately) 250 mm tall, 300 mm wide, 200 mm deep
・ Product Material: White Cloud Pottery
・ Production Area: Japan
・ Sales Rout: Bandai Official Shopping Site “Premium Bandai”, et al
( )
・ Scheduled Delivery Date: April 2020
・ Seller: Bandai Co., Ltd.
※ Product Specifications are subject to change without notice.

※ The photos shown are from during development and may differ slightly from the final product.
This product is a full-colored piece of pottery modeled after the popular character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, “Pot of Greed”.
Production will be mass produced in the city of Mino, well known for its pottery production, and will be reproduced carefully by professional craftsman. In order to get closer to the real thing, metallic coloring will be added to various parts.
It can be used as a room decoration or a gift for friends.

■ Precautions for Use
・ White Cloud Pottery is light but less strong than most general pottery, so be gentle when handling.
・ It may be shaped like a pot, but because of decorations, it cannot hold things like water.
・ Because each is hand painted, there will be little differences in terms of appearance and coloration.



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