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[Duel Links] Upcoming Events And Updates (Up to September 2018)

On upcoming events to Duel Links, a certain character plenty of people have wanted is coming to town.

Early August will be the World Championship and a Duel-a-Thon and also Duelist Challenges at Duel School.

Serious Chazz returns Mid August with new prizes.

Also Mid August, Marik joins the Gate with chances to get his Winged Dragon of Ra and Power of the Tribute Skil.

Late August will involve a new Game Master event involving Dice that sounds like it could be Monster World from the original manga.

Late August to Early September is the KC Cup.

Late August Tristan returns with new prizes.

Also Mid September will be the arrival of Yubel, based on the dialogue being presented.


Also there will now be ways to Set Decklists to obtain as Goals to work towards as well as being able to post Decks.


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