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[OCG] Two New Cards from The Duelist Advent

And they’re remakes of two classic cards.

Edit: Full effect up!

Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior
Level 6 DARK Spellcaster-Type Effect Monster
ATK 1600
DEF 1000
You can only use the (4) effect of “Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior” once per turn. (1) When this card is Normal Summoned: Place 2 Spell Counters on this card. (2) When this card is Pendulum Summoned: Place 3 Spell Counters on this card. (3) This card gains 400 ATK for each Spell Counter on it. (4) You can remove 1 Spell Counter from this card, then target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy that card.

Raiza the Mega Monarch
Level 8 WIND Winged Beast-Type Effect Monster
ATK 2800
DEF 1000
You can Tribute Summon this card by Tributing 1 Tribute Summoned monster. (1) If this card is Tribute Summoned: Target 1 card on the field and also 1 card in either Graveyard; return those cards to the top of the Deck in any order. If this card was Tribute Summoned by Tributing a WIND monster, add this additional effect.
●You can target 1 additional card on the field; return that target to the hand.



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