[LED7] Rage of Ra Checklist

I’m concerned about the doubling of Ls where there shouldn’t be extra Ls.

LED7-EN000 The Winged Dragon of Ra (Alternative Artwork)
LED7-EN001 Egyptian God Slime
LED7-EN002 Reactor Slime
LED7-EN003 Guardian Slime
LED7-EN004 Ancient Chant
LED7-EN005 Blaze Cannon
LED7-EN006 Millennium Revelation
LED7-EN007 Sun God Unification
LED7-EN008 Makyura the Destructor (Erratum)
LED7-EN009 Juragedo
LED7-EN010 Holding Arms
LED7-EN011 Holding Legs
LED7-EN012 Monster Reborn
LED7-EN013 Left Arm Offering
LED7-EN014 The True Name
LED7-EN015 Metal Reflect Slime
LED7-EN016 Meklord Astro Dragon Triskelion
LED7-EN017 Meklord Emperor Wisel – Synchro Absorption
LED7-EN018 Meklord Nucleus Infinity Core
LED7-EN019 Meklord Army Deployer Obbligato
LED7-EN020 Meklord Assembly
LED7-EN021 Meklord Deflection
LED7-EN022 Meklord Astro the Eradicator
LED7-EN023 Meklord Emperor Wisel
LED7-EN024 Meklord Emperor Granel
LED7-EN025 Meklord Emperor Skiel
LED7-EN026 Meklord Astro Mekanikle
LED7-EN027 Meklord Astro Dragon Astrike
LED7-EN028 Meklord Army of Wisel
LED7-EN029 Meklord Fortress
LED7-EN030 Chaos Infinity
LED7-EN031 Jinzo the Machine Menace
LED7-EN032 Psychic Bounder
LED7-EN033 Psychic Megacyber
LED7-EN034 Cyber Energy Shock
LED7-EN035 Law of the Cosmos
LED7-EN036 Cosmos Channelling
LED7-EN037 Everlasting Alloy
LED7-EN038 Jinzo
LED7-EN039 Jinzo – Returner
LED7-EN040 Jinzo – Lord
LED7-EN041 Jinzo – Jector
LED7-EN042 Brain Control
LED7-EN043 Amplifier
LED7-EN044 Mind Control
LED7-EN045 Pscyhic Shockwave
LED7-EN046 Ra’s Disciple
LED7-EN047 Meklord Army of Skiel
LED7-EN048 Meklord Army of Granel
LED7-EN049 Boon of the Meklord Emperor
LED7-EN050 The Resolute Meklord Army
LED7-EN051 Reboot
LED7-EN052 A Wild Monster Appears!
LED7-EN053 Mound of the Bound Creator
LED7-EN056 Token Sundae
LED7-EN057 Token Stampede
LED7-EN058 White Aura Bihamut



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