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[Duel Links] Yusei Fudo’s Birthday Celebration and an Upcoming Mini-Event

A new Skill for the birthday boy and Junk Warrior gets a summoning animation.

“Junk Warrior” will now have his own summoning animation and Yusei will receive his new Skill “Tuning”.

Log in during this campaign to receive the new skill and you can use it to Synchro Summon “Junk Warrior” to watch his new animation.

Available from July 7 – 17

* You must have Duel World (5D’s) unlocked to obtain this skill.

Also, log in each day during this campaign to obtain 4 Prismatic cards:

Day 1

“Junk Berserker” [UR] July 7 – 14

Day 2

“Starlight Road” [UR] July 8 – 15

Day 3

“Mach Syncron” [UR] July 9 – 16

Day 4

“Lightning Warrior” [UR] July 10 – 17


“Mission Circuit”

New upcoming Mini-Event will be live July 11 – 19.

“Complete missions to race around the circuit!”

This event will give you the chance to obtain the new SR card “Card of Distrain” and other rewards such as gems.

More information to follow.