Battle Pack 2023 Vol.3 [Rush Duel]

I mean none of this is particularly surprising, ya know.

RD/B233-JP001 Meteor Black Dragon (Reprint)

RD/B233-JP002 Soleil the Skysavior Angel (Reprint)

RD/B233-JP003 Cyber Processor (Reprint)

RD/B233-JP004 Excutie Lucy (Reprint)

RD/B233-JP005 Giftarist (Reprint)

RD/B233-JP006 ロイヤルデモンズ・ビギター Royal Demon’s Beguitar (Dub: Royal Rebel’s Beginitar)
Level 1 LIGHT Fiend Normal Monster
ATK 100
(A guitar fiend that works hard every day to get everyone to hear their songs.)

RD/B233-JP007 ロイヤルデモンズ・ベビース Royal Demon’s Babybass (Dub: Royal Rebel’s Babybass)
Level 1 Light Fiend Normal Monster
ATK 200
(A bass fiend that coolly supports Beginitar and Kidrum.)

RD/B233-JP008 ロイヤルデモンズ・キッドラム Royal Demon’s Kidrum (Dub: Royal Rebel’s Kidrum)
Level 1 Light Fiend Normal Monster
ATK 300
(A drum fiend that started a band because they admired the greater Royal Rebels.)

RD/B233-JP009 Hydro Cannon Big Bluefin (Reprint)

RD/B233-JP010 The Star Dragon (Reprint)


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4 thoughts on “Battle Pack 2023 Vol.3 [Rush Duel]

  • September 24, 2023 at 11:25 pm

    Possibly hint Dark Hydro Cannon Neutron Bluefin in the future because Hydro Cannon Big Bluefin got reprint in this pack.

    • September 24, 2023 at 11:47 pm

      Fish Depth Charge is in Red Reboot of Darkness, and Big Bluefin is too underpowered on its own to be in this Battle Pack. It is all but guaranteed at this point Maguto is the wild card/secondary anime character getting support in that pack.

  • September 24, 2023 at 11:31 pm

    Maybe, and maybe there might be some new dragon and high dragon support in the set as well.

  • September 24, 2023 at 11:43 pm

    Ok, a new “Battle Pack”, that means a new handful of cards that could tell us what will come in the next packs:

    Meteor Black Dragon: This is related to “Red Reboot of Darkness”, where support will be for “Meteor” A.K.A Red-Eyes.

    Soleil the Skysavior Angel: This one is curious. At first glance, it seems like a complement to the Ruler support of “Megaroad Pack 2”. However, that Monster specifically works with the rest of the Skysavior cards. Which could indicate that Skysavior support will come in a future package (or a card with Skysavior artwork, but it’s more generic than archetype)

    Cyber Processor: This is clearly a reference to LIGHT Machine, specifically Cyber Dragon. Surprising that they are providing Cyber Dragon with a lot of support in Rush Duels compared to the OCG/TCG.

    Excutie Lucy: Like the aforementioned Skysavior card, this could be Excutie support for a future pack or a generic Excutie-focused or artwork card. The surprise here is that they have not released anything from the Banlist to complement that supposed Excutie support.

    Giftarist: This is obvious, it’s for “Megaroad Pack 2” to complement Romin’s support. In fact, one of her new Boss Monster requires this card.

    Royal Rebel’s cards: Finally, we have the centered Normal Monsters of the theme that represent the RoaRomin gang. Obviously, this is a teaser for Royal Rebel’s support of “High Grade Collection”.

    Hydro Cannon Big Bluefin: Also, nothing surprising. It’s a preview for “Red Reboot of Darkness”, especially Maguto’s cards. In fact, it’s increasingly likely that Dark Hydro Cannon Neutron Bluefin will come in that package.

    The Star Dragon: Another of the most interesting cards in the pack. Despite belonging to “The☆”, the Effect of that Monster is quite generic. I would think about future support for The Lukeman or The Luge, but it could also complement Luke’s support in “Megaroad Pack 2” (which has many Trap Cards centered on “The☆”)

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