August 24th, 2023 [Deck Recipes]

Generic Insect Deck in Rush Duel

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: Insect Deck

3 Swapinning Silkworm Fibellon
2 Delirium Papillon
3 Delirium Lampyris
2 Polygon Butterfly
3 Dramoth Caterpillar
1 Princess Ladybug White
3 Bio Mechamantis
2 Ravenous Insect Matiless
3 Anglered Digra
1 Bladearmor King Dynas Dorcus
3 Rising Light Angel Esser
2 Negatwor Dragon
1 Millennium Shield (LEGEND)

3 Intrude Beetle
2 Insect Rampage
1 Pot of Arrogance
1 Type Change Beam
1 Pot of Greed (LEGEND)

2 Ignoring Insect
3 Anciant Barrier
1 Negate Attack (LEGEND)

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