August 17th, 2023 [Deck Recipes]

Beast-Warrior.dek for Rush

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: Beast-Warrior Deck Featuring “Legend Strike”

1 Vorse Raider (LEGEND)
3 Heartless Hound Striking Kai Ken Knuckle
3 Beaver Warrior
3 Master Craftsman Kotetsu
2 Heartless Hound Martial Master Shiba
3 Heartless Hound Thunder Emperor Drainu
1 Beast Gear Sage Roller Stag
1 Beast Gear Emperor Glider Fox
3 Headhunters’ Digmole
3 Unfulfilled Goblin
1 Cannon Soldier
3 Legend Magician

2 Legend Strike
1 Apocalypse – Beast Gear World
3 Helmet of the Master Craftsman
1 Heavenly Revelation
1 The Ship of Seven Treasures
1 Upstart Goblin (LEGEND)

2 Primordial Slash
1 Beast Gear Secret Art – Primal Fist
1 Mirror Force (LEGEND)


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