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Asia Championship 2018: Feature Match Swiss Round 1

For the very first match of the Asia Championship 2018, we have Kwong Ka Ho from Hong Kong on the left, playing against Huang Qilin from Singapore on the right.

Ka Ho is running Gouki while Qilin is running Trickstar.

Skullbuster from YGOrganization is our Feature Match Judge

Duel 1

Qilin went first and opened with Trickstar Candina into Trickstar Light Stage and then Trickstar Lycoris.

Lycoris was then immediately Special Summoned, 3 cards were set to the backrow and that was the turn.

Ka Ho drew and took 400 damage from Lycoris and Light Stage.

Ka Ho played Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones to Special Summon a “Sky Striker Ace Token” and then Normal Summoned Gouki Suplex to use them to Link Summon Knightmare Phoenix.

Phoenix’s Special Summon was negated by Solemn Strike, and Suplex added Gouki Twincobra to hand. Ka Ho followed with One for One, discarding Destiny HERO – Malicious for the cost.

One for One met the same fate and was negated by Solemn Warning.

Malicious was banished to Special Summon another copy of itself, and Emergency Teleport Special Summoned Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Together they became Crystron Needlefiber but Qilin flipped over his third trap card and it was Infinite Impermanence to negate Needlefiber.

That left Ka Ho with no more follow-up plays as he ended his turn.

Qilin played Terraforming to fetch Light Stage and played it replacing the previous Light Stage. It fetched Trickstar Calobane, and Candina was Normal Summoned to fetch Lycoris.

During the Battle Phase, Calobane attacked over Needlefiber while Candina and Lycoris went in for direct attacks. Two more Lycoris were Special Summoned by returning Candina and they attacked for the game.

Kwong Ka Ho (Hong Kong) 0 – 1 Huang Qilin (Singapore)

Duel 2

Ka Ho went first and right at the start of the Main Phase 1, he played Magical Mid-Breaker Field.

Ka Ho went off with Special Summoning Dark Grepher by discarding Destiny HERO – Malicious. Malicious graveyard effect was activated, banishing itself, and Qilin threw out a Maxx “C”.

Ka Ho pushed through with his Link Summoning spam. In the midst of Firewall Dragon tried to salvage Armageddon Knight and Knightmare Corruptor Iblee but it was negated by Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion.

Ka Ho eventually ended with an Extra Link board, with Iblee on opponent’s field and 2 set cards in the backrow.

He is down to 3000 life points after having played Soul Charge and Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson earlier in the turn.

On Qilin’s turn, he switched Iblee to Attack Position and tried to attack into Knightmare Mermaid but the attack was negated by Necro Gardna.

In Main Phase 2, Qilin played Light Stage to lock an opponent’s set Spell/Trap card, summon Candina and set 5 cards to his backrow.

During Ka Ho’s Draw Phase, Qilin flipped over Gozen Match! Ka Ho tried to negate with Red Reboot but Qilin had the final negate with Solemn Judgment.

Gozen Match resolved with Qilin kept Candina (LIGHT), while Ka Ho kept Knightmare Cerberus and Tri-Gate Wizard (EARTH).

Qilin then activated 3 Lycoris from hand all in the same Chain targeting Candina, Special Summoning 3 Lycoris and returning Candina to hand. While 3 Lycoris are on the field, Qilin followed up with Trickstar Reincarnation. Ka Ho banished and drew 3 cards, taking a total of 1800 damage from the 3 Lycoris and Light Stage.

Ka Ho Normal Summoned Glow-Up Bulb but could not make any Link Summons due to Gozen Match locking him to EARTH.

Tri-Gate Wizard attacked into one of the Lycoris but Qilin dropped Trickstar Calobane during the Damage Step and that was exact damage for the game.

Kwong Ka Ho (Hong Kong) 0 – 2 Huang Qilin (Singapore)

Qilin has won his first match beautifully with a Gozen Match to break his opponent’s Extra Link board.

Source: Beyond the Duel & Yugioh Edition Singapore