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[Duel Links] Upcoming Events (Nov 24th Update)

Multiple new Legendary Duelist related events are coming. Also the return of D.D. Tower.

November 29th to December 7th, the D.D. Tower returns with monsters from a never before seen Dimension. Goal is to try and climb to the top of the tower. No news if the event will work like the Fire Dimension Tower or not.


Early December is a new chance for players to clear a Story Event and obtain Yami Marik, and with him, a certain new card of “Unparalleled Strength”.

Mid December is a new Duel-A-Thon Event. Fill up the Duel Meter to obtain a certain character. Japanese Dialogue seems to point to it being Bonz, Round 2.

Mid December, as well, Yami Bakura comes to the Gate, shedding off his former Event Only Status.



Late December is a third Legend Duelist event, in which you must go through a new chapter of “Duelist Chronicles! Battle City Begins!”. Go through Domino to obtain Reward cards and a new character. Signs seem to indicate it is Arkana.

Early January is the arrival of a new Duel Links character. The dialogue hint seems to point to it being Zane Truesdale, more specifically his heel turn known in Japan as “Hell Kaiser”.

Various campaigns, gifts, and Gem giveaways are planned for mid January to coincide with the one year anniversary of Duel Links being launched globally.

A Tag Duel Event is intended late January.

Improvements on Deck Editor Screen Transitions are planned.

Implementation of a World Change Button in Duel World (to flip between DM and GX easier) is being planned.

Also keep in mind events might be delayed or changed depending on circumstances.

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