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[Arc-V] Episode 7-10 Titles and Summaries

So, who likes Duel Terminal esque card foiling?

Episode 7
反逆の逆鱗 ダーク・リベリオン・エクシーズ・ドラゴン Hangyaku no Gekirin: Daaku Riberion Ekushiizu Doragon (The Imperial Wrath of Treason: Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon)
Sawatari plans his revenge after getting his hands on some new cards. Yuzu decides to stop him. But, standing before the two of them is…

Episode 8
遊勝塾の危機!!LDS襲来 Yuushou Jyuku no Kiki!! LDS Shuurai (You Show Duel School!! LDS Invasion)
Sawatari ends up severely injured due to the Duel, and word of the incident reaches Akaba Reiji, President of Leo Corporation. And a report reaches Reiji’s mother, Himika…

Episode 9
星々の裁き! エクシーズ使い「志島北斗」 Hoshiboshi no Sabaki! Ekushiizu Tsukai “Shijima Hokuto” (Judgment of the Stars! The Xyz User “Shijima Hokuto”)
In order to erase the shame of the criminals behind the “Sawatari Attack” incident, Duels between LDS and You Show Duel School begins. Yuya’s opponent is the LDS’s Xyz Course Rep: Hokuto.

Episode 10
秘石の騎士! 融合使い「光津真澄」 Hiseki no Kishi! Yuugou Tsukai “Kotsu Masumi” (The Knight of the Secret Stone! Fusion User “Kotsu Masumi”)

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