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[Arc-V] Episode 2 Preview Summary

Most of this seems like the “resolving the paradigm shift after the Hero beats the big name opponent” thing YGO does.

決闘最強進化系!!その名はアクションデュエル Dyueru Saikyou Shinka Kei!! Sono Nae ha Akushon Dyueru (The Strongest Form of Dueling! It’s Called An Action Duel!)

Air Date: April 13th, 2014

Yuya’s challenged the reigning Champion “Stron Ishijima” to a Duel. But when he’s driven into a corner with no way out, Yuya performs the never-before seen “Pendulum Summon”…

Yuya’s battle with Ishijima gives birth to “Pendulum Summoning”! This drives the Stadium audience wild. After the match, the “You Show Duel School” is hit by a flood of applicants. Yuya duels Yuzu in a test match, expecting a flood of cheers, but…!?

Voiced Cast
Sakaki, Yuya: Ono, Kenshou
Hiiragi, Yuzu: Inamura, Yuuna
大林洋平: Oobayashi, Youhei
Tatsuya: 新出ななみ
Futoshi: Chikiri, Kyouko
Ayu: Satomi, Akesaka
柊修造: Itakura Mitsutaka
榊洋子:Yuui Ryouko
Narration: Yamaji, Kazuhiro
Akaba Reiji: Hosoya, Yoshimasa
中島:Hayashi, Yuuki
Strong Ishijima: Miyauchi, Atsushi
Nico Smiley: Iijima, Hajime
Assorted Voices: Yatsu, Shougo
Assorted Voices: Fujiwara, Takahiro
Assorted Voices: 濱野大輝
Assorted Voices: Hoshino, Saki
Assorted Voices: 藤沼健人
Assorted Voices: Nogami, Shou
Assorted Voices: Murase, Michiyo

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