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[Arc-V] Episode 45 Summary

Episode 45: 相克(そうこく)と相生(そうじょう)Soukoku to Soujyou (Destruction and Generation*)
1st March 2015
The 16-duelist Battle Royale round continued. However, also appearing there were the uninvited guests Sora and Selena. As the duels happening around Yuya became more fierce…

While Sora and Kurosaki’s duel intensified, Yuya, who witnessed the Knight of Duels members being sealed into cards before his very eyes, could no longer contain his anger and challenged the Obelisk Force to a duel. However, being subjected to the Obelisk Force’s lowly tactics, Yuya started losing control of himself…
At that time, a “Magician” appeared to guide him…

Cast List:
Sakaki Yuya
Hiiragi Yuzu/Selena
Gongenzaka Noboru
Hiiragi Shuzou
Sakaki Youko
Houchunn Mieru
Nico Smiley
Shiunin Sora
Akaba Reiji
Kurosaki Shun
Sakuragi Yuu
Dennis Mcfield
Mokota Michio
Tairyobata Teppei
Knight of Duels
Assorted Voices

Master Ghost at Neo Ark Cradle

*As a note, the terms used here are the Japanese readings of Xiangsheng and Xianghe in the concept of “Wu Xing”, the elemental cycle of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. Xiangsheng is the creative/generative part of the cycle, while Xiangke is the destructive/overcoming part of the cycle. Basically the title could be read as Creation and Destruction, or Negation and Propagation.

Basically a “Makes sense, hard to word it in English” thing.

Here for more on the concept, as I’m terribly simplifying this.


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