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[Arc-V] Episode 41 Summary

Episode 41: The Land of Ambitions – Duel Academia
1st February 2015
At the Maiami Championship, 16 duelists including Yuya, Yuzu and others have passed the second round. On the other hand, Reiji faces against Serena who resembles Yuzu. The aims and desires of the two that transcend dimensions are becoming clearer and clearer.

Appearing before Reiji is Serena, a girl who resembles Yuzu. Furthermore, Reiji has already met with Serena once before back in the Fusion Dimension. Reiji travels through dimensions in order to chase after his father, whereas Serena crosses the dimensions in an attempt to obtain freedom from the Fusion Dimension… Everything, including the Professor’s ambitions and the truths behind the Maiami Championship, are all made clear through the second meeting between Reiji and Serena.

Cast List:
Sakaki Yuya
Hiiragi Yuzu/Serena (Note: Both share the same voice actress, Inamura Yuuna)
Shiunin Sora
Hiiragi Shuzou
Sakaki Youko
Nico Smiley
Akaba Reiji
Akaba Himika
Kurosaki Shun
Sakuragi Yuu: Watanabe Takumi
Barette: Tanaka Mio
Assorted Voices

Source: Master Ghost from NAC

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