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[Arc-V] Episode 29 Summary

融合する音姫!Yuugou-suru Otohime! Fuse the Divas!
26th October 2014
First round for the Maiami Championship. The fated duel between Masumi and Yuzu begins. Will Yuzu be able to perform the Fusion Summon that Sora taught her on the grand stage!?

It’s the first round in the Junior Youth section of the Maiami Championship.
With Yuya and the others spectating, Yuzu and Masumi’s rematch begins. Having being shamed by her opponent once during the school battle between LDS and You Show, Yuzu learned Fusion Summoning from Sora and became stronger. Seeing how Yuzu has improved, Masumi summons her “True Ace Monster”, and widens the gap in strength between the two duelists…

Cast List
Sakaki, Yuya
Hiiragi, Yuzu
Gongenzaka, Noboru
Shun’in, Sora
Hiiragi, Shuzou
Sakaki, Yoko
Nico Smiley
Koutsu, Masumi
Shijima, Hokuto
Todo, Yaiba
Assorted Voices

Source: MasterGhost at Neo Ark Cradle

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