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[Arc-V] Episode 28 Summary

アユのエンタメ水族館(アクアリウム) Ayu no Entame Akuarium (Ayu’s Entertainment Aquarium)
October 19th, 2014
The Miami Championship finally kicks off, with Ayu taking part in the Junior Division. However, there is something mysterious about her opponent, Reira, who belongs to LDS. What is their ability..?

The Miami Championship finally kicks off. Following Futoshi’s smooth victory as the first representative for You Show Duel School, Ayu is next to duel for the Junior Division. Ayu’s opponent is Reira, also known as “The Treasured Child of LDS”. As opposed to the excitement and support that Ayu is receiving from everyone, Reira appears to be frightened about something. While Reiji and Himika Akaba watch, Reira utilises a strange strategy to copy Ayu’s Monsters.

Voiced Characters
Sakaki, Yuya
Hiiragi, Yuzu
Gongenzaka, Noboru
Shiun’in, Sora
Ayukawa, Ayu
Yamashiro, Tatsuya
Harada, Futoshi
Hiiragi, Shuzou
Akaba, Reiji

Source: Thanks to Manaphy from Neo Ark Cradle

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