[Arc-V] Episode 18 Summary

反逆の2つの影 Hangeki no Futatsu no Kage (The Two Shadows of Rebellion)
August 10th, 2014
Yuya continues on his quest to earn the qualification to enter the Junior Youth Championship. However, at the same time, a new incident happens at LDS. Yuya is surrounded by a series of happenings. And the truth of this new “shadow” is…?

While Yuya fights on to become qualified to enter the Junior Youth Championship, at LDS Reiji is researching on “Pendulum Summons”. Yet, an attack on an LDS member happens again for the third time.
Sawatari’s father, a powerful man in the city and frustrated by the attack on his son, hunts down Yuya. At the same time, a series of suspicious incidents happen around him. And before Yuya, a new “black shadow” appears in front of him.

Cast List:
Sakaki Yuya
Hiiragi Yuzu
Sora Shu’in
Sakaki Youko
Hiiragi Shuzou
Nico Smiley
Akaba Reiji
Akaba Himika
Sawatari’s Dad
The Man in the Black Mask
Assorted Voices
Shun Kurosaki

MasterGhost from Neo Ark Cradle

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