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[Arc-V] Episode 3 Information

Yuya duels a new rival, but not everything is what it seems…

Yuya’s next opponent is…?
Sawatari Shingo approaches Yuya, and wants Yuya to show him his Pendulum Summon. The two of them agree to Duel at LDS, but…?

Episode 3: Dark Town: The Stolen Pendulum Summon!!
A New Rival Appears Before Yuya!!
A shadow approaches Yuya who is trying to master Pendulum Summoning with help from Yuzu and the gang. That ‘shadow’ is Sawatari Shingo, a student of the Elite Duel School, “LDS”. Shingo claims he wishes to see Yuya’s Pendulum Summoning, but…!?

Sawatari Stole Yuya’s Cards!?
In order to show off Pendulum Summons to Shingo, Yuya goes to the LDS. But… Shingo stole Yuya’s “Astromancy and Chronomancy Magicians”!?



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