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[Arc-V] Courses at Leo Duel School (A Subsidiary of Leo Corporation LLC)

What you can learn if you go to the top elite Duel School in Maiami City! (This is too amazing to not add.)

1st: -Duel Monsters Theory -Staple Cards Theory -Gen Ed.
-Duel Tactics Basics -Constructing a Main Deck – Basic Classes

Synchro Summon Course: Xyz Summon Course:
-Synchro Summon Study I -Xyz Summon Study I
-The Basics of Tuners -The Basics of Ranks
-Real Dueling Applications

Fusion Summon Course: Composite Course:
-Card Advantage Theory -Basics of Chain Blocks
-Fusion Summon Study I -Advance Summon Study I
-Extra Deck Construction Theory -Damage Calculations

-Synchro Summon Study II -Xyz Summon Study II -Disadvantage Theory
-Tuner Copies Research -Rank Study Applications -Deck Thinning Research
-Continuous Drawing Practice -Negating Monster Effects -Fusion Summon Study II
-Side Deck Construction Research I
-Practical Dueling II -Attribute Fusion Practice
-Old School Ritual Summoning Study
-Modern Ritual Summoning Study
-Advance Summon Study II
-Practicing Influencing your Draws
-Hand Destruction Probability Research

-Side Deck Construction Research II
-Extra Deck Construction Research
-Fudou Style Solitaire Theory -Special Card Metamorphosizing Theory -Super Polymerization Theory

-Destiny Draw Probability Theory
-The Origins of Surrendering
-The Grand Unified Duel Theory


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