[Arc-V] Comments from Kenshou Ono

Nothing too big, just some more basic information about Arc-V


Please tell us a single Catchphrase that describes the character.
“A Passionate Clown”
(Kenshō Ono): When Yuya Duels, he turns it into sorta show where he acts like a clown or pierrot, so that the people watching can enjoy themselves. That’s the kind of Entertainment Duel he strives for. That’s the kind of catchphrase I have in my head.

What is your experience with Card Battles?
(Kenshō Ono): The truth is, I haven’t played any before… … … Because I’m not much of a deep thinker, I’m bad at “planning strategies”, so it was a good opportunity when I joined this production, I would like to do my best and become a Duelist just like Yuya.

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